Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

standing seam metal roof of a building

Get Durable Metal Roofing

A standing seam metal roof installation in Clearwater, FL is a great way to provide an attractive and modern look to your building. With streamlined looks and your choice of metal material you can expect an end result that will provide ample protection with a long roof life. We also offer standing seam metal roof repair as well as standing seam metal roof replacement if your building calls for it. No matter what you need expect Classic Roof Replacement as your reliable roofing company that can cater to it. Simply reach out to us at 727-417-9733 to see what we can do for you.

What is Standing Seam?

Standing seam metal roofing is defined as a metal panel roofing system with concealed snap-lock fasteners that feature long vertical legs that punctuate long and broad flat areas in between. These legs can also be referred to as raised seams which rise above the level of the panel’s flat area. This metal roofing style can be made on a variety of metal roofing materials in itself. What’s more, it can be customized to fit with the specifications of a building for better sizing. A standing seam metal roof will be able to lead water away from the building and prevent any punctures due to its durability. Since metal has thermal expansion properties, it will work well with temperature changes and will also help cool your roof due to its reflective abilities. If you’re interested in standing seam metal roof installation in Clearwater, FL give our team a call. We’ll make sure to match you with a roof that works well with your property!

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Classic Roof Replacement is here to provide you with an attractive and well-built standing seam metal roof installation in Clearwater, FL. Metal roofing in itself is a very attractive implementation to have added to any property. Especially with commercial businesses, you’ll be able to have a roof that will be very appealing to those who visit. If you have any questions regarding a standing seam metal roof installation give us a call today at 727-417-9733.