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Tile roofing provides a unique and upgraded look to your residential property and can be pleasing to have for the decades of roof life that it holds. Tile roofing is a very durable option that is able to live for 30-50 years with resistance from hail, wind, and fire. Ultimately there are many benefits that tile roofing holds. Get in touch with Classic Roof Replacement when you’re thinking about installations, replacements or tile roof repair in Clearwater, FL. We look forward to your call at 727-417-9733 at any time.

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General Information on Tile

When you’re considering a tile roof installation there are many benefits that you should know about. This roofing material will be able to work well in every climate or geographic area as it holds thermal properties that can reduce heat loss or gain. Essentially there is natural air ventilation underneath the tiles which creates a heat transfer barrier that can assist in cooling a house. This will lower energy bills as much as by 20% thanks to the energy saved from an otherwise hardworking HVAC unit.

As far as style, this roofing material is a very versatile option that comes in many different profiles, shapes as well as color options. Due to its protective abilities and more attractive roof designs, you can expect the value of your property to increase as a result as well. Tile roofing is also an environmentally friendly option that’s made from raw materials that don’t deplete natural resources which are limited. There are no preservatives with tile and any waste from production or after the roof has aged can be recycled back to the manufacturing process instead of being sent to a landfill. When a tile roof needs repair or replacement materials are easier to get and can even be individually replaced when necessary which can cut on costs. Learn more about the benefits of tile roofing by getting in touch with your local roofers.

Tile Roof Repair & Tile Roof Replacement

If your tiles have been compromised after a storm or with other instances that have caused damage it’s important to assess the extent of damages to see if there should be roof repairs or replacements implemented. With tile roofing, in particular, you’ll have to see if any broken tiles are excessive such as with more than 50% of tiles being damaged or less. Trying to repair a roof with more than 50% is actually not cost affective and replacement is more recommended. Another thing to consider is the underlayment of the roof. Older systems have an organic underlayment of felt than can range in quality. What’s more, since roof tiles are porous they aren’t waterproof so if the underlayment is damaged your roof is no longer watertight. If you find that it’s just the underlayment system that is failing and the tiles themselves have a good life to them you may be able to simply lift and re-lay them. Here only the underlayment and flashing system will be replaced with existing tiles being placed back on top. It’s important that before any services are made with your tile roof that an inspection is conducted by a trained professional roofer so the correct solutions can be made with your roof. Get in contact with our knowledgeable team for the right kind of tile roof repair in Clearwater, FL.

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Our team of professionals are trained and certified to achieve any roofing service that you need with your tile roofing. Tile roofing is a great option to consider when you want a longer roof life with more choice in style, profiles and colors. When it comes to new installations, repairs or replacements you can count on our experts to guide you with the right implementations for the betterment of your roof. Classic Roof Replacement is here to help you at any time when you require tile roof repair in Clearwater, FL or other services. Give us a call at 727-417-9733 today to get started.