Roof Insurance Claim Assistance


We’ll Mediate For You

After a storm or emergency roofing situation has passed, it’s recommended to get into contact with your insurance company for repair coverage. In order to smooth out processes our team at Classic Roof Replacement offers easy to keep up with help. We will essentially act as mediators between you and your insurance provider so that you can get the assistance that you need for repairs. Rest at ease with our help in making a roof insurance claim in Clearwater, FL. Call 727-417-9733 today for more information.

The Processes of Making a Roof Damage Claim

A roof storm damage claim can be especially tricky depending on your policy as well as any exclusions you may not have known you have. For example, some policies will have hail and wind exclusions which will prevent coverage of any repairs when you may have thought you were covered. Most insurances will cover wind damages, though, as an unexpected circumstance so it’s important to become familiar with your particular insurance policy for the future when you may need repairs. Any damages made to your roof that were the result of neglect or age will typically not be covered. Navigate through these specifics with our team of experts who can assist in making your roof insurance claim in Clearwater, FL.

Get a Roof inspection

Making an appointment for a roof inspection will support your claim of damages imparted on your roof. Not only that, but it will break down the areas of our roof that have become compromised and give you an idea of the repairs that will need to take place. Make sure to get pictures in order back up your roof insurance claim.

Let Us Help You

Get the guidance necessary for making a roof insurance claim in Clearwater, FL by contacting our knowledgeable team at Classic Roof Replacement. We are familiar with the various situations with roofing that can take place and are more than ready to get the procedure underway in a fast and efficient manner. Give us a call at 727-417-9733 today to get started.