Roofing Wind Damage Repairs

Climate change – strong winds and rain

The Power of Wind

Wind is a powerful element that can cause destruction to properties when it reaches certain speeds. With certain roofing materials and other factors with a storm, high winds can cause a number of issues that will instigate a need for roofing repairs. When you’re in need of roof wind damage repair in Clearwater, FL count on our team of experts to assist you. Classic Roof Replacement will be able to help with all of your storm damages at any time 24/7 so don’t hesitate to reach out to us day or night at 727-417-9733 to get started.

How Wind Effects Properties

Winds from a storm are often referred to as “straight-line” damages in order to differentiate them from tornados. You can expect winds to start to wreak havoc on properties when they exceed speeds of 50-60mph. However, even at 45 mph so-called “non-severe” winds can break off tree branches and start to move loosened or otherwise susceptible shingles. With high enough winds you can start to see missing shingles, curling materials, cracks, breaks, and loss of granulation. Flat roofs can start to see tears, blisters, wrinkles, and cracks, especially in previously patched areas. In order to avoid water damages, it’s best to have your roof repaired and patched before leak formation becomes an added issue. Once you notice that a storm has caused problems with your roof contact your emergency roofer soon for an inspection and schedule roof wind damage repair in Clearwater, FL. Once this has been achieved make sure to start the process of making a roof damage claim so that you can get protected and covered by your insurance provider. Our team can guide you through the steps when you need help so let us know so we can see what we may do for you!

Contact Us For Repairs

Classic Roof Replacement is here to help with your roof wind damage repair in Clearwater, FL. No matter the materials and type of property that you have we have the solutions that you need to get your roof protected once more. Have stable conditions reinstalled after a harsh storm has passed by calling us at 727-417-9733 to schedule an appointment.